The Final Three

8 04 2011

Urgh starting to get frustrated with the uncertainty of it all. In four months I’m going to be going to school somewhere. Going to be a doctor (this still sounds weird to me). But where?

Looking back at old threads from past admissions cycles it looks like waitlisters generally don’t start hearing back until Mid-may. But the threads continue, with increasingly desperate posts into Late May, June, July… Fuck, I really hope it doesn’t come to that. I have to ask myself soon where my breaking point is. When do I set up shop at VCU and say screw the rest? A lot of the times I wonder if I want the other two so bad simply because I don’t have them. If I were waitlisted at VCU would it be a top choice? If I were in at Irvine, would I be hung up on VCU? Damn you, scarcity!

I think I’m going to make a pro/cons list soon. Thanks for that lifetip, Mr. Aronson.

(ps: trying to find pictures for this post learned the Emma Watson went to Brown for undergrad… thanks GIS.)



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